Training & Support
We offer ongoing training and support, including:

Skyhawks Training

We will conduct 2 days of training at Skyhawks University where you will learn everything there is to know about Skyhawks and how to run a camp.

Sales Training

We will spend two days in your territory conducting sales meetings and teaching you how to sell. 

Technology Support

We will spend one day with you remotely to teach you our software system and to show you all of its capabilities.  All franchisees will utilize a web-based software system to help manage their online registrations, credit card processing, programs, marketing, staff recruiting, hiring, scheduling, billing, risk management and more!

Call Center Support

Capable of handling incoming and outgoing calls with customers and coordinators.

Human Resources and Risk Management Department

To provide you with the tools to recruit, train, and employ part-time coaches. Franchisees are responsible for hiring and supervising their employees.

An Accounting Department

To assist you with invoicing for your services.

A Marketing Department

To assist you in creating and implementing your marketing strategy.

An Account Manager

To help with administrative support and day-to-day questions.

Skyhawks Conferences

You will be invited to attend national and regional meetings. 

Manuals and Programming Resources

You will have access to our sports manuals as well as our online training and content library.