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Course# Activity Title Start Date Location
XXXXX T-ball League 2017-06-26 Vernon Hills Park District
XXXXX T-ball League 2017-06-26 Vernon Hills Park District
XXXXX T-ball League 2017-06-06 Schaumburg Park District
XXXXX T-ball League 2017-06-06 Schaumburg Park District
XXXXX T-ball Camp 2017-06-19 Village of Hinsdale Parks and Recreation Department
XXXXX T-ball Camp 2017-06-12 Park District of LaGrange
SSA92840 Little Spartans Baseball Clinic 2017-04-28 Orangewood Academy
33137 Tot Baseball 2016-09-29 City of Walnut Creek
5463 Tot Baseball 2016-09-27 City of Lafayette Recreation
21470 Tot Baseball 2016-09-29 Orinda Parks and Recreation
SSA92548 BaseballTots 2016-09-19 Arden Park Recreation and Park District
SSA92500 Tot Baseball 2016-09-24 City of San Pablo Community Services Department
101754 Tot Baseball 2016-09-23 Concord Parks & Recreation
101755 Tot Baseball 2016-09-24 Concord Parks & Recreation
0139.101 Tiny-Hawk T-Ball Clinic - BELMONT RESIDENTS 2017-01-08 City of Belmont
1150.101 Mini-Hawk Baseball Clinic - BELMONT RESIDENTS 2017-01-08 City of Belmont
SSA93140 Baseball Camp 2016-12-05 City of Katy Parks and Recreation
SSA93143 Baseball Camp 2016-12-05 City of Katy Parks and Recreation
7916 Baseball Camp 2017-06-12 City of Mountain View
5741 Tiny-Hawk T-Ball Clinic - SAN CARLOS RESIDENTS 2017-01-08 San Carlos Parks & Rec. Dept.
5742 Mini-Hawk Baseball Clinic - SAN CARLOS RESIDENTS 2017-01-08 San Carlos Parks & Rec. Dept.
XXXXX T-ball Camp 2017-07-17 Vernon Hills Park District
XXXXX Baseball Camp 2017-07-17 City of Fairfield Parks & Recreation
21873 Tot Baseball 2017-01-19 Orinda Parks and Recreation
21874 Tot Baseball 2017-01-21 Orinda Parks and Recreation
21876 Tot Baseball 2017-03-30 Orinda Parks and Recreation
21877 Tot Baseball 2017-03-25 Orinda Parks and Recreation
12230 T-ball Camp 2017-07-31 Arlington Heights Park District
12261 Baseball Camp 2017-07-24 Arlington Heights Park District
XXXXX Tiny-Hawk Baseball Camp 2017-06-19 Corte Madera Parks and Recreation Department

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