Skyhawks Flag Football

Experience the excitement of football with Skyhawks Flag Football Fueled by USA Football. Using a curriculum developed by the experts from USA Football, coaches will teach skills like passing, receiving, kicking and flag pulling. Participants will gain confidence and learn important life lessons in a fun, positive environment.

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Skyhawks offers Flag Football camps for children between the ages of 5 and 12.  The typical age range for a Football camp are:

- Ages 5 to 7 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 8:1)

- Ages 6 to 12 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 12:1)

Not every age group is available in every market.  To see if there is a camp that is perfect for you, use our "find a camp in your area" button.

Groups: At each camp we place campers into groups based on age and ability.

Ability: Skyhawks flag football camps are perfect for the beginning to intermediate level player.

Please refer to the program description for items included with purchase.

Food to bring:

For camps four hours or less: Two snacks and a water bottle.

For camps over four hours: Lunch, snack and water bottle.

Gear to bring:

Appropriate clothing, water bottle, running shoes and sunscreen.

Skyhawks offers flag football camps in a couple different formats.  The typical time frames for a flag football camp are:

- 9AM to Noon

- 9AM to 1PM

- 9AM to 3PM

Below are some sample schedules

  6 Hour   4 Hour   3 Hour   1 Hour
9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome
9:05 Check-In 9:05 Check-In 9:05 Check-In 9:05 Warm-up & Stretch
9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Intro Skill of the Day #1
9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Activities for SOD
9:45 Develop Skills 9:45 Develop Skills 9:45 Develop Skills 9:30 Introduce SOD #2
10:20 Games & Exercise 10:15 Games & Exercise 10:20 Games & Exercise 9:40 Activities for SOD #2
10:30 Water & Snack Break 10:25 Water & Snack Break 10:30 Water & Snack Break 9:50 Activities (All New Skills)
11:20 Circuit Training 11:05 Circuit Training 10:40 Introduce SOD #2 10:00 Close Camp & Review
11:45 Scrimmages 11:30 Scrimmages 10:50 Develop Skills   Dismiss & Checkout
12:00 Group Games 12:00 Lunch 11:10 Games & Exercise    
12:30 Lunch 12:30 Warm-Up & Stretch 11:50 Small-sided scrimmages    
1:00 Game Zone & Trivia 12:40 Introduce SOD #2 12:00 Close Camp & Review    
1:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 12:50 Small-sided Scrimmages   Dismiss & Checkout    
1:30 Game Utilizing SOD 1:00 Close Camp & Review        
1:40 Introduce SOD #2   Dismiss & Checkout        
1:50 Develop Skills            
2:00 Games & Exercise            
2:10 Water Break            
2:50 Small-sided Scrimmages            
3:00 Close Camp & Review            
  Dismiss & Checkout

"Of my three camps, flag football was the best."
Jerry P.
Fircrest, WA

"The coaching for the Flag football was great. Every Skyhawks camp here that my sons have gone to over the last few years has been excellent. I cannot say enough good things about the coaches."
Cynthia P.
Moscow, ID

"Sammy's experience was so fun, as it was his first chance to get involved with Football techniques of any kind. The coaches were honestly specialized for the Football sport and training techniques. The final glory was getting to be independent for a full week of camp (as an 8-year-old) and to attend with two really good friends. Thank you for a great [experience]."
Arlys M.
Seattle, WA

"Coach Matt was great! This was Ramsey's first time and experience with football so I am very grateful that Matt made it a very positive experience. Matt is good with the kid she is very firm yet kind, and the kids had a great time. I felt my son was safe with him. Thank you so very much."
Nina H.
Seattle, WA

"He really enjoyed it. Many times an activity ends and he is not too disappointed to be moving on, but he really wanted to keep going to Flag Football camp."
Heather G.
Powell, OH

"Savaun always like the Skyhawks camps. Especially Flag football. The coaches and directors are always very friendly. We keep coming back every year."
America B.
Burlingame, CA

"Roy really enjoyed the 2 coaches! They had lots of great enthusiasm for the sport and were fun to play flag football with."
Debra P.
Saratoga, CA

"Jack really enjoyed attending this camp. He was very motivated by his coaches and he came home every night wanting to show us what he learned. He even slept with his football!"
Paula M.
Folsom, CA