Skyhawks Soccer Camps

Skyhawks was founded as a soccer club in 1979. Thirty years later we are still the number one choice for parents looking to refine their child's fundamentals of the world's most popular sport. Using our progressional curriculum, our sport-specific staff will ensure your young athlete will gain the technical skills & sport knowledge required for their next step into soccer. This camp focuses on dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control. By the end of the camp your child will have learned new life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship, made new friends, and improved their sport skills!

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Skyhawks offers Soccer camps for children between the ages of 3.5 and 14.  The typical age range for a Soccer camp are:

- Ages 3.5 to 4 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 6:1)

- Ages 4 to 7 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 8:1)

- Ages 6 to 12 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 14:1)

- Ages 7 to 14 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 14:1)

Not every age group is available in every market.  To see if there is a camp that is perfect for you, use our "find a camp in your area" button.

Groups: At each camp we place campers into groups based on age and ability.

Ability: Skyhawks soccer camps are perfect for the beginning to intermediate level player.

Please refer to the program description for items included with purchase.

Food to bring:

For camps four hours or less: Two snacks and a water bottle.

For camps over four hours: Lunch, snack and water bottle.

Gear to bring:

Appropriate clothing, water bottle and gym shoes.

Skyhawks offers camps in several different formats. The typical time frames for a soccer camp are:

- 9am to Noon

- 9am to 1pm

- 9am to 3pm

Below are sample schedules:

  6 Hour   4 Hour   3 Hour   1 Hour
9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome
9:05 Check-In 9:05 Check-In 9:05 Check-In 9:05 Warm-up & Stretch
9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Intro Skill of the Day #1
9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Activities for SOD
9:45 Develop Skills 9:45 Develop Skills 9:45 Develop Skills 9:30 Introduce Skill of the Day #2
10:20 Games & Exercise 10:15 Games & Exercise 10:20 Games & Exercise 9:40 Activities for SOD #2
10:30 Water & Snack Break 10:25 Water & Snack Break 10:30 Water & Snack Break 9:50 Activities (All New Skills)
11:20 Circuit Training 11:05 Circuit Training 10:40 Introduce SOD #2 10:00 Close Camp & Review
11:45 Scrimmages 11:30 Scrimmages 10:50 Develop Skills   Dismiss & Checkout
12:00 Group Games 12:00 Lunch 11:10 Games & Exercise    
12:30 Lunch 12:30 Warm-Up & Stretch 11:50 Small-sided scrimmages    
1:00 Game Zone & Trivia 12:40 Introduce SOD #2 12:00 Close Camp & Review    
1:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 12:50 Small-sided Scrimmages   Dismiss & Checkout    
1:30 Game Utilizing SOD 1:00 Close Camp & Review        
1:40 Introduce SOD #2   Dismiss & Checkout        
1:50 Develop Skills            
2:00 Games & Exercise            
2:10 Water Break            
2:50 Small-sided Scrimmages            
3:00 Close Camp & Review            
  Dismiss & Checkout

"This was such a great youth soccer camp. It gave my daughter her very first taste of soccer and she loved it. At age 4 years, she actually learned some soccer skills and looked forward to the camp every day. Thank you."
Valerie R.
New Albany, OH

"These two girls took a child that can hardly leave his brother’s side and made him realize that he could have fun without him. Eriq does not like soccer or basketball all that much and though he did not want to participate, they made him still feel like part of the team. They took time to guide each child through the day and gave each child that little push whenever needed. Kate and Katrina were great. No child could ever ask for a better set of people to work with our kids. Thank you to the Skyhawks and to the girls for their time and high level of energy. These kids by the way, all the boys that is, all said that their coaches were very nice, pretty, and smart. So once again, from all the parents thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Amanda M.
Nashua, NH

"My daughter absolutely loves this program. She did it last year and has looked forward to this camp all year. She has tons of fun and that makes soccer fun for her. Thank you for having such a great program! Her little sister can’t wait to do it next year. We appreciate the enthusiasm and energy of the coaches and director."
Shannon P.
Missoula, MT

"I was very impressed with the Skyhawks coaches they were great!!! I know it takes a lot of patience with kids of this age, and they did great. The girls’ performance on Friday rocked!!! They were a little off beat with the music, but other than that I was very glad I enrolled my daughter in this program. I will most likely be signing her up for soccer now. Thank you, Skyhawks!"
Angie B.
Spanaway, WA

"Kristen had a great week at Soccer Camp!! There wasn't anything we didn't like. It was a very positive experience. Kudos to a fine Coach & Director. Thank you."
Debbie M.
Puyallup, WA

"Despite the 100+ temperatures, both our children enjoyed the program and learned to play soccer."
Shirley W.
Cameron Park, CA

"My daughter really liked the coaches and she had a really good time and felt like she learned new skills. Her coach was very conscientious and professional. I liked this soccer camp 100 times better than the "other soccer camp” my daughter attended last year. Thanks."
Ellen B.
Sacramento, CA

"Drew usually does not like full day camps and today he told me he wanted to come back next [year] for another week of soccer. All the coaches were so nice. He loved all the fun games and themes for each day. It was a pleasure to drop him off every day and see him so happy to go. Thanks Coaches."
Susie C.
Issaquah, WA

"The staff was great! The kids really responded to them and they made it fun and educational. Thanks to all for a job well done....I also really liked that it was a long (6 hour) [session]My son agreed it really helped to get him into shape for soccer season. Thanks."
Kelly D.
Mukilteo, WA

"The soccer camp was so well organized! The coaches were great and the kids adored them. The whole staff made it really fun and interesting. They were really excited about 'World Cup' on Friday."
Sally M.
Portland, OR

"Thank you for making her very first soccer experience such a great one. She's decided to play rec soccer in the fall."
Khia B.
Clackamas, OR

"Kaitlynn had been practicing soccer with her dad and couldn't really get into the sport. Spending time with Skyhawks and all of the coaches really helped her to see how fun soccer can be. Thank you for opening her eyes to a fun new sport!"
Yvonne P.
Maplewood, MN

"I thought that both Jonas's coaches did an excellent job running the soccer camp he attended. Both were experienced soccer players and were able to truly relay their knowledge and skills to Jonas. Both coaches made our first experience with Skyhawks great. I was very happy with Skyhawks and will sign Jonas up again next year."
Katie W.
Tustin, CA

"Thanks for another terrific summer soccer camp experience. The director and coaches were just great with the kids very inclusive, kind, funny, encouraging, organized.... just great!!!!!!!!! This is Katie's second Skyhawks camp and she was fortunate to have last year's coach back again. Katie comes out of camp with energy, having had a really fun day every day, and looks forward to playing more sports like this experience!"
Bret T.
Woodland, WA

"Great! Willow is not normally a kid to immediately feel comfortable and jump right in. But amazingly, without much explanation, she has at this soccer camp. She says she is having fun and can’t wait to go, though I can see that she is sore and tired. She can’t wait to play fall soccer too, which is great."
Joey H.
Seattle, WA

"Shaun loved the Skyhawks Soccer Camp. He learned some new skills and was excited to tell me about them every day. He's pretty sensitive to critique and he never once complained about his coach which tells me that the coaches at the camp were very good in dealing with children. We'll be looking for another Skyhawks Soccer Camp next summer."
April B.
Missoula, MT

"Taylor had a wonderful experience with the Coaches at this camp. We as parents were also very impressed with how awesome all the coaches were towards our daughter and us as parents. They exhibit an excitement for soccer that we hope Taylor will carry with her. Thanks!"
Charity W.
Spokane, WA

"We're impressed with Skyhawks’ organization and the programs you put on for these kids. I was extremely apprehensive about Hunter going to Soccer camp for six hours a day for five days. He LOVED it!"
Julie O.
Denver, CO

"The two women that facilitated my son's soccer program were absolutely excellent with the children. I was impressed with their enthusiasm and energy and found them to be wonderful with this younger age group. They did a great job!"
Stephanie K.
Clackamas, OR