Skyhawks Basketball Camps

This fun, skill-intensive program is designed for beginning to intermediate players. Using our progression-based curriculum, we focus on the whole player - teaching sportsmanship and teamwork. Boys and girls will learn the fundamentals of passing, shooting, ball handling, rebounding and defense through skill-based instruction and small-sided scrimmages.

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Skyhawks offers Basketball camps for children between the ages of 3.5 and 12. The typical age range for a Basketball camp are:

- Ages 3.5 to 4 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 6:1)

- Ages 4 to 7 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 8:1)

- Ages 6 to 12 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 10:1)

Not every age group is available in every market.  To see if there is a camp that is perfect for you, use our "find a camp in your area" button.

Groups: At each camp we place campers into groups based on age and ability.

Ability: Skyhawks basketball camps are perfect for the beginning to intermediate level basketball player.

Please refer to the program description for items included with purchase.

Food to bring:

For camps four hours or less: Two snacks and a water bottle.

For camps over four hours: Lunch, snack and water bottle.

Gear to bring:

Appropriate clothing, water bottle and gym shoes.

Skyhawks offers basketball camps in several different formats. The typical time frames for a basketball camp are:

- 9AM to Noon

- 9AM to 1PM

- 9AM to 3PM

Below are sample schedules:

  6 Hour   4 Hour   3 Hour   1 Hour
9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome
9:05 Check-In 9:05 Check-In 9:05 Check-In 9:05 Warm-up & Stretch
9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Intro Skill of the Day #1
9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Intro Skill of the Day 9:20 Activities for SOD
9:45 Develop Skills 9:45 Develop Skills 9:45 Develop Skills 9:30 Introduce Skill of the Day #2
10:20 Games & Exercise 10:15 Games & Exercise 10:20 Games & Exercise 9:40 Activities for SOD #2
10:30 Water & Snack Break 10:25 Water & Snack Break 10:30 Water & Snack Break 9:50 Activities (All New Skills)
11:20 Circuit Training 11:05 Circuit Training 10:40 Introduce SOD #2 10:00 Close Camp & Review
11:45 Scrimmages 11:30 Scrimmages 10:50 Develop Skills   Dismiss & Checkout
12:00 Group Games 12:00 Lunch 11:10 Games & Exercise    
12:30 Lunch 12:30 Warm-Up & Stretch 11:50 Small-sided scrimmages    
1:00 Game Zone & Trivia 12:40 Introduce SOD #2 12:00 Close Camp & Review    
1:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 12:50 Small-sided Scrimmages   Dismiss & Checkout    
1:30 Game Utilizing SOD 1:00 Close Camp & Review        
1:40 Introduce SOD #2   Dismiss & Checkout        
1:50 Develop Skills            
2:00 Games & Exercise            
2:10 Water Break            
2:50 Small-sided Scrimmages            
3:00 Close Camp & Review            
  Dismiss & Checkout

"My child had a great time. He even slept with his basketball. He learned to dribble the ball which really made him feel good about himself!"
Connie C.
Boulder, CO

"Both Matthew & Reid were very kind, courteous, and patient with my son. They were energetic and enthusiastic when teaching the kids the fundamental basketball skills. Their guidance and instruction made for a very positive first time Skyhawks camp experience!"
MaryJane E.
Mill Creek, WA

"I really liked participating in the Skyhawks basketball camp. I would like to come back. I really learned a lot from coach Meghan, and director John. They made camp really fun."
Thanks for everything,
Hamilton C.
Renton, WA

"My daughter was dreading Basketball camp this year because her friend couldn’t go. But she had a great time. They make it fun and it seems very organized and good control of all the kids."
Paige P.
Spokane, WA

"Skyhawks did an excellent job selecting this group of coaches. Angie was great. We were impressed by her basketball skills and her ability to interact with children and parents."
Patricia K.
Lake Oswego, OR

"Matthew participated in basketball camp. He couldn't stop talking about his experience and indicated he had a lot of fun. In fact, I had asked him if he wanted to take Friday morning off to go to a Blue Angels event. After much discussion he wanted to attend the last day of basketball camp more than attending the Blue Angels event which says to me that his camp counselor was doing a great job in keeping him interested. He liked camp a lot and really liked his counselor."
Mark L.
Seattle, WA

"I had 2 kids in the class, ages 9 and 6. They absolutely loved the basketball camp and the fun drills. The coaches made it fun but seemed very in control of the large group of kids. We will definitely choose Skyhawks programs again."
Pat Y.
Simi Valley, CA

"Keep up the good work! It's important to hire coaches who care about the children and have fun with them. Competition is good but having fun and learning the fundamentals of Basketball are essential and YOUR CAMP IMPRESSED ME! Thanks!
Feriha C.
San Jose, CA

"This is my son's 3rd basketball camp with Skyhawks and this one clearly was the best so far the coaches were awesome and very organized and professional. It was nice to see 2 of the coaches he has had in the past. We will definitely be looking forward to next year. Thank you!"
Donna K.
Spokane, WA

"The Skyhawks’ director was amazing! I want to commend her attitude and professional approach. She went over all the rules of camp with the parents, made all the safety rules clear, and was extremely patient with every question. We are attending six camps this summer with both my kids ages 7 and 11, and they both loved basketball the best. My daughter says she 'loves basketball now' and that's a complete turnaround from before. Thanks much!"
Sally M.
Portland, OR

"Tommy absolutely loved this program. He is begging me to sign him up for next year. He learned a lot about basketball skills."
Patty C.
Ft. Collins, CO

"Thanks for helping James' interest in basketball grow!"
Jennifer C.
Golden, CO

"Basketball Camp rocked! My boys had a blast, and the director and coaches were so great! Thank you!"
Wyatt B.
West Linn, OR

"Katie and her girlfriends had a great time in the basketball camp. I was afraid it was too long of a day playing basketball, but she really had fun. Katie said the day went by really fast and she and her girlfriends want to do it again next year for sure."
Joanne T.
West Linn, OR

"Great improvement in my son’s skill from camp last year. He is more motivated to play basketball now and shows off his new moves!!"
Lori J.
Wenatchee, WA

"The best thing about Skyhawks for my son is that every participant is important to the coaches. Nathan is not a great basketball player and probably won't be; however, his coaches still know him and encourage him. Skyhawks coaches care about all the kids, not just the ones who are good at the sport. This was the third year that "Big Jon" was here and he remembered my kids from the previous years, which meant a lot to them."
Lisa M.
Green River, WY

"The first couple of days I was not sure that this was a good idea. Kyle is shy and small for his age and seemed to be a little "lost" in his group. By the third day, he appeared to be more engaged and smiling more and is somewhat excited to go back for the last few sessions. I really appreciated the coaches using his first name and engaging him so well. Particularly “Big Ben" made Kyle feel at home and comfortable at Basketball."
Roxanne S.
Clackamas, OR

"Patrick had an absolutely glorious time every day. WOW! Thank you so much! He was just thrilled to pieces every time he came home very eager to go outside and "practice dribbling, just like coach said!" Great idea to give them each a tiny basketball he loves his. Can't wait for next year! Also my older boy will be doing a different Skyhawks program later this summer and I'm really looking forward to him enjoying it just as much as his brother did. TERRIFIC WORK!!!!"
Colleen C.
St. Paul, MN

"Bowie had a great time and came away from camp with greater confidence and interest in the sports they practiced. He takes his basketball everywhere!"
Leanne I.
Cincinnati, OH

"Since the camp my son is now obsessed with basketball and takes his ball with him everywhere he goes."
Nicholina P.
Coeur d’Alene, ID

"Aniya had a fabulous time at camp. She loved the coach. She came home and shared things that they learned. She even slept with her basketball for a couple nights. She is very active and enjoys many sports so this was a great activity for her. Thanks."
Anika W.
Goshen, IN