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Skyhawks Golf Camps
Skyhawks Golf

One of our most popular programs, Skyhawks Golf focuses on building the confidence of young athletes through proper technique and refining the essential skills of the game. As we know, golf is a challenging and lifelong sport, so young athletes need proper focus on the fundamentals of form, swinging, putting and body positioning. To assist in this training, Skyhawks utilizes the ShortGolf® system which uses modified equipment and a curriculum developed by PGA professionals. ShortGolf is specifically designed for the entry-level player and simplifies instruction so that young players can make an easy & effective transition onto the golf course. No need to bring your own clubs, all equipment is provided. For safety reasons we keep the instructor to camper ratio for this program very low, resulting in limited availability. As a result, these programs fill up quickly.

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Skyhawks offers Golf camps for children between the ages of 3.5 and 10.  The typical age range for these camps are:

- Ages 3.5 to 4 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 6:1)

- Ages 5 to 8 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 8:1)

- Ages 5 to 10 (Participant to coach ratio approximately 8:1)

Not every age group is available in every market.  To see if there is a camp that is perfect for you, use our "find a camp in your area" button.

Groups: At each camp we place campers into groups based on age and ability.

Ability: Skyhawks Golf camps are perfect for the beginning to intermediate level player.

Please refer to the program description for items included with purchase.

Food to bring:

Two snacks and a water bottle.

Gear to bring:

Appropriate clothing, water bottle, comfortable shoes and sunscreen.

Skyhawks offers Golf camps in different formats. The typical time frames for a Golf camp are:

- 1 hour

- 2 hours

- 3 Hours

Below are sample schedules:

  3 Hour   2 Hour   1 Hour
9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome 9:00 Welcome
9:05 Check-In 9:05 Check-In 9:05 Warm-up & Stretch
9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Warm-Up & Stretch 9:10 Intro Skill of the Day #1 (SOD)
9:20 Intro Skill of the Day (SOD) 9:20 Intro Skill of the Day (SOD) 9:20 Activities for SOD #1
9:45 Develop Skills 9:30 Develop Skills 9:30 Introduce Skill of the Day #2
10:20 Games & Exercise 9:40  Games & Exercise 9:40 Activities for SOD #2
10:30 Water & Snack Break 10:00 Water & Snack Break 9:50 Activities (All New Skills)
10:40 Introduce SOD #2 10:10 Introduce SOD #2 10:00 Close Camp & Review
10:50 Develop Skills 10:20 Develop Skills   Dismiss & Checkout
11:10   Games & Exercise 10:50 Small-side Scrimmages    
11:50 Small-side Scrimmages 11:00 Close Camp & Review    
12:00 Close Camp & Review   Dismiss & Checkout    
  Dismiss & Checkout

"My child enjoyed this camp a lot—[it taught] learning golf fundamentals in a fun way. Very positive coaches!"
Traci S.
Victoria, MN

"My son loved golf camp and already asked if he can do it again next year."
Mrs. A.
San Jose, CA

"Coach Miles not only helped Tyler improved his golf technique, he gave him encouragement and support which improved his self-esteem."
Lindie S.
Agoura Hills, CA

"Matthew didn't think he was good at golf on Day 1, but by the end of the day he was loving it! Thanks for a positive experience! The coaches were great with the young ones kept - them entertained and happy."
Lynda N.
Issaquah, WA

"The golf camp was a very positive experience for my daughter. Thank you to the coaches for making it so."
Pia S.
Seattle, WA

"Ryan had a great time at golf camp. The activities were enjoyable and encouraged teamwork. He was excited to leave for camp each morning. Thanks!"
Andrea S.
Medina, OH

"The director was very nice and made it really fun for the kids. He set expectations of what they were going to learn each day and taught the golf skills in a fun way."
Shelly S.
Golden Valley, MN