PA - Delaware Valley

About Jim Schlucter

James Schlucter grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in Valley Forge, graduating from St. Joseph’s Preparatory School and then Temple University. His passion for making an impact in the community through youth sports began when he was a teenager while he ran Special Olympics basketball programs. In 2012, James cofounded Friends of the PMBL, a nonprofit organization that runs a free five day basketball camp for underserved youth in rural Treasure Beach, Jamaica every August. Friends of the PMBL provides transportation to and from camp, three meals each day, a pair of new sneakers, shorts, jerseys, shirts and more for each individual camper. James has 11+ years of basketball coaching experience at the high school and college level and is currently coaching at Harriton High School. After working 11+ years managing a team of 100+ employees at Global Packaging Inc. in Oaks, PA, James wants to run his own business and make his life’s work positively impacting the community through youth sports which is how he landed on Skyhawks.