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About Garrett Wilson

Meet the wonderful couple leading the way at Skyhawks San Diego – Garrett and Allison Wilson! As the proud owners, they are thrilled to bring a special touch to youth sports that's all about fun, growth, and positive experiences for your youth. Garrett Wilson's love for sports started early, from Taekwondo to high school football and college basketball, he lived the life of an all-around standout athlete. At Skyhawks, he's known as Coach G – someone who makes sports engaging, exciting, and full of smiles. Garrett's passion for fitness and coaching shines through as he encourages and teaches the next generation. Allison Wilson's childhood was filled with competitive softball, teaching her valuable lessons in discipline, athleticism, and strength. While she may have hung up her softball glove after high school, Allison's enthusiasm for sports hasn't waned. From surfing to yoga, rowing and pilates, she's tried it all! Together, Garrett and Allison are beyond thrilled to be the first coaches your little ones will ever have at Skyhawks San Diego. Their mission? To make sports a joyous adventure, fostering a love for play, teamwork, and friendly competition. With their warm and caring approach, the Wilsons are here to ensure your kids have a blast while discovering the wonderful world of sports at Skyhawks San Diego!