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About Kevin Thorstad

Kevin Thorstad, a native of Augusta, GA—best known as the home of the Masters—is the newest Skyhawks Sports franchisee in the Greater Fairfax Area in Virginia. From childhood, Kevin embraced an active lifestyle, participating in various sports such as soccer, golf, basketball, baseball, and tennis. His experiences instilled in him a deep love for sports, which has remained a constant throughout his life. Today, he's not just a sports enthusiast; he's also a dedicated husband of 14 years to Emily and a proud father to three energetic children: Caroline, Elle, and Hays. After earning his Civil Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, Kevin plunged into the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, amassing over 20 years of professional experience. He's shown versatility and competence, handling leadership roles in both large corporations and small startups. He holds professional licenses in seven states as a testament to his expertise. Aside from his career accomplishments, Kevin is certified in Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED, highlighting his commitment to safety in every arena. Beyond navigating his career and family life, Kevin has spent years teaching, tutoring, and coaching, continually learning. His dedication to fostering growth and development and his personal and professional background make him an ideal addition to the Skyhawks Sports family.