Seven Advantages of Buying a Franchise: Join a Winning Team

July 26th, 2022

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Seven Advantages of Buying a Franchise: Join a Winning Team

For entrepreneurs who want the benefits of business ownership without all the struggles of an independent start-up, there are many advantages of buying a franchise.


There are about four different franchise models, but we’ll focus on the traditional model in the industry, which is a contractual legal relationship between a franchisee and franchisor. For an initial fee, the franchise owner has access to a franchise brands trademark, logo, branding and business model. Most franchises are structured so that the franchise owner has day-to-day responsibilities in the business, typically doing the work, managing, or overseeing in some form. There are many benefits of being a franchisee - let's dive into the top seven advantages of franchising.


Seven Advantages of Buying a Franchise

1.       Instead of learning a business from scratch, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. A franchisee receives a proven business model that is already market tested. The franchisor has done the heavy lifting to ensure that the model has evolved to generate profit.

2.       Working with a respected brand is advantageous, because there’s a built-in customer base which knows the brand and its standards. That highly recognizable brand name can open many doors, ensuring a steady flow of customers.

3.       The franchisor provides training to help you get your franchise location up and running, from understanding the business to your grand opening. For many franchise brands experience is not required. They provide the training you need to operate your franchise.  A franchisor is dedicated to your success as a franchisee because they want to grow the brand.

4.       In order to give you the best start in your business venture, a franchisor will provide you with a marketing plan designed to introduce your franchise in the community and let potential customers know you are open and what your business is all about.

5.       You are given on-going support by franchise industry leaders who can assist with any challenges during your daily operation - yet another safeguard in place to provide you the best opportunity for profit and success.

6.       Being a part of a franchise gives you a unique networking advantage with fellow franchisees who are like-minded and dedicated to helping each other with exchanging ideas.

7.       For product and service franchises, you will benefit from lower purchase prices because of the buying power of a franchise. Many times, a franchise can provide cheaper supplies from dealers who give discounts for multiple locations. That helps your bottom line.

The Pros and Cons of Franchising

Like any other form of business ownership, there are pros and cons of franchising. For all these already mentioned pros, there are always some cons - in any equation. For example, in franchising, many people find adhering to strict guidelines set by the franchisor is too rigid. But that’s actually the point of franchising; to follow the playbook given to you and not deviate so you can benefit from a highly effective business.


Another concern of entrepreneurs considering franchising is that there are too many fees involved and too much profit back to the franchisor. The primary fee involved is your initial franchise fee, essentially the entry fee for your franchise. It pays for the use of the model and operating systems.


There are marketing fees and royalties, typically collected on a monthly basis. The marketing fee pays for the promotion of the brand, and the royalties help fund the growth of the franchise as well as new innovations and training.


While you still have to pay for construction or renovation costs, you would have had to do that with a new business anyways. Instead, you skip many steps like a creating a business model, marketing, and support, which gives you a head-start on your business.


Another important caveat to note is that no matter which avenue you choose, opening a business, either as a start-up or franchise, will require a significant initial investment. Working with a franchise can often help secure funding. By using a franchisor-suggested lender, many financial institutions are more apt to secure a loan for a trusted, reputable business like a franchise that is proven to show growth. The lender takes less risk with this loan.


Franchising with Skyhawks Sports Academy


At Skyhawks Sports Academy, we have been giving our franchise owners the benefits of our successful model and franchise operations for decades. We are an established business with a reputable name built over nearly half a century, which helps open many doors for entrepreneurs partnering with us.


As a business, we believe in providing a safe, fun, and skill-based sports experience for kids (ages of 18 months up to 14 years) in the dozen sports we offer through afterschool classes, clinics, and summer camps.


For our franchisees, we believe our franchise training and support is what best prepares you to perform well. That training consists of hands-on instruction at Skyhawks University by the best of the best corporate instructors. You’ll benefit from guidance with sales assistance, training on our proprietary software systems, call center, HR, accounting, and marketing support.  


If it’s time you turned your dreams of business ownership into reality and took your passion working with kids and sports and turned it into your profession, then request franchise info and let’s take the next steps!  






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