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Central North Carolina
Teaching Life Skills Through Sports
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Franchise owner, Evelyn Kreiley is excited to combine her love of teaching with her enjoyment of sports, as she brings SuperTots to the Central North Carolina area. Evelyn has taught for over seven years at a variety of levels from early Elementary to High School Reading. Evelyn has also been a life-long athlete and involved in youth sports programs. Evelyn enjoyed many sports during her youth, but soccer was always her favorite. After high school, she worked as a high school coach, youth sports instructor, and youth sports manager. Evelyn is excited to combine the things she loves: sports, children, and teaching.

What's New
What's New
Summer Camp at Alamance Community School Registering Now!
Meet a Coach
Genesis Athletics offering; SuperTots Classes, Afterschool programming, tutoring, camps, and more.
Meet a Coach
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STEM Soccer Camp
Mar 20, 2019
Summer Camps
Mar 06, 2019
Full day Summer Camp is available to those who need it. If you register for a Skyhawks 1/2 Day Camp and need full day coverage, contact the Orange County Sportsplex to register for the remainder of the day with them. Skyhawks will transfer the children to the camps; hassle free childcare!
Basketball Camps
Dec 14, 2018
Basketball Camps are starting soon! Register Today!
Mini-Hawks Sport Camps
Jul 19, 2018
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