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About Ross Whelan

Ross Whelan is a man that is able to let his passion for influencing youth guide him through life. Growing up, he learned to play a wide array of sports. He was a legendary backyard football player, playground basketball hero, and street hockey competitor. Through this passion for sports, he grew to help lead his high school basketball team to two Missouri state basketball championships. During his career as a high school athlete, Ross found himself gravitating towards helping children play the game he loves. Through these athletic tutorials, he realized assisting kids was something that was growing into his passion. This passion led him to the other side of the world as he taught children in China. It seemed as though each of his classes had a unique and meaningful relationship with their “big teacher.” And it was through these relationships that he significantly and positively influenced their lives. During his time in China, Ross and his wife, Liz, welcomed their daughter into the world.  The couple decided to move their young family to Columbia, Missouri, the place home to the Missouri Tigers, the team he cheered as a young boy. After moving to Columbia, Ross continues his passion for influencing youth by teaching life skills through sports.


Why did I choose Skyhawks? I chose Skyhawks because I believe that Skyhawks and I share the same coaching philosophy that teaching life skills through sports to our youth can have a higher effect on their lives than just teaching them how to play the sport—believing that every player, no matter their skill level, should have an opportunity to learn and play the sport they love. As a new franchisee, I have seen that through the work I have experienced thus far working with the Skyhawks team over the past few months. Although I’m just getting started, I know the team I have is there to help support me, which gives me confidence in my ability to succeed.