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Rajiv Jamuar


408-477-0371 or 209-968-9206



About Rajiv Jamuar

Rajiv Jamuar is a big sports fan with his favorite teams being the Yankees, Cowboys and Islanders. For college sports, he follows everything Maryland Terrapins.  In high school Rajiv played lacrosse and flag football and graduated to softball in college.  Rajiv and his wife like to travel, especially to Las Vegas.  They enjoy eating out and sampling different sorts of cuisine and are avid movie-goers.  In addition to owning the South Bay franchise, Rajiv currently works for a graphics semiconductor company.  Rajiv lives in San Jose with his wife, Sudeepta, a former preschool teacher.  They have two boys, Amit and Suraj, ages 21 and 19.  The boys also played a year of lacrosse in high school where Suraj was the star goalie finishing 13-0.  Amit also volunteered at the local city sports camp for two summers.